Dear Renter,
We decided to write this guide to improve your experience during your stay in Shenzhen.
Typically, each landlord will have two bank accounts for each property – one if for paying rent
And the other for automatic deduction of the property management fee, gas, water, electricity, etc.
The building manager charges a monthly fee per square meter. This bill and all the other bills will appear
In your flat-apartment mailbox every month. The bill is more like a receipt. The bills will be automatically
Deducted from a bank account set up by the landlord/property owner – YOU are responsible to maintain
A positive balance in that account!  It is very important that you keep enough money in that account, otherwise
If the payments are unable to be may you will need to personally run all across town to different service providers
Paying in cash to get your services reinstated.   Your telephone/internet will need to be set up by you and will
Be automatically deducted from your personal bank account. There are stiff penalty fees for late payments.
When you rent, note the balance in the account – when you move out – the owner will refund you the balance
In the utilities bank account.
Here are typical guidelines for the fee services:
Building management fee: RMB 2.8 - 7.5/sq. meter / monthly  (each building is different)
Water:                  RMB 3.11/ sq. meter
Gas:                       RMB 3.5/ Sq. m.                             
Electricity:           RMB  0.68/ W
Phone bill:           RMB  90/mo. Basic service
Internet (ADSL or Cable): RMB 120 - 200                             
Cable TV basic fee: RMB 120/mo. Basic service                
optional TV channels: ESPN: RMB 20       STAR MOVIES    20           HBO       50           CNN       50           BBC        50
CNBC,BLOOMBERG   RMB 50     DISCOVERY          20     NHK1, NHK2             150     Korean TV               100
La Télétention TV5, CCTV E&F    RMB  100/month  
We suggest you to keep the account balance around  RMB 1500   in the middle of each month. But, you can
make your own estimate based on your own monthly expense, but please make sure the balance is enough for
all the fees in the middle of each month! When you no longer rent the house, the money left in the account is
still yours, the landlord will return it to you.  
VERY IMPORTANT: According to the standard rental contract used in Shenzhen (everyone uses an identical contract – foreigners and locals alike),
when the renter delays paying rent for ten days, or does not pay the utility bill for over two months, the tenant is assumed to be in violation of the
contract, and the landlord has right to get the house back without consent of the tenant.  So, please pay the rent on time, deposit enough money in
the utilities bank account to cover all the expenses.
Staff of FindRentinSZ